5 Closest U.S. Presidential Elections

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It's not always Ronald Reagan vs. Walter Mondale. In 1984, Reagan won 49 states on the way to earning 525 Electoral College votes, one of the biggest presidential election landslides in history. Sometimes, though, U.S. presidential elections are agonizingly close. Here's a look at five of the tightest races for the White House.
5 Closest U.S. Presidential Elections

41916: Rutherford B. Hayes vs. Samuel Tilden

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You probably don't remember much about the presidential battle between Rutherford B. Hayes and Samuel Tilden. You can be forgiven for this: This election took place way back in 1876. Hayes won by a single electoral vote, 185 to 184. This election generated much of the same controversy as the Bush/Gore battle. With the electoral votes of four states disputed, the Electoral Commission chose to name Hayes president.

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